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How often do we take the time to just be silent?

In anything?


We as people are always talking…always doing this and that….but when do we take the time to just sit back…to just do nothing…to just be silent…to just be….


I notice this especially in my prayer life….im always the one talking….but what is prayer? It’s a conversation with God…a conversation…a conversation involves not just talking, but communicating, which isn’t always done through words….and how often do we let God do the speaking, the communicating….we can sit there for hours and talk at God and pour our hearts out….but then we just end the conversation when we’re done talking….but what about God? what about what He has to say? if we do all the talking, how is that a real conversation, how is that letting the other half communicate?  a conversation is so much more than talking, it involves listening, it involves silence…God needs his time too….I need to, for once, just be still and silent….to wait and listen for God to speak…we are always seaking God’s will for our lives and where He is to lead us, but how will we know if we cannot be still long enough to hear His response? how might that change our relationship with Him? How will that allow us to really seek God and to know Him more? Lets be silent and find out….

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